Frontline Security’s consultancy service is led by some of the fore-most leaders in their respective fields ranging from law enforcement, military and security backgrounds. Clients are increasingly requesting a wide variety of key security skills sets on assignment and we at Frontline have a wealth of management experience to cater for these needs.

We can offer you specialist advice in the following areas:

  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Security Threat Audits – Risk Assessments
  • Tiger Raids / Kidnap / Hostage Taking
  • Close Protection / Bodyguard Teams
  • Commercial Property / Asset Protection
  • Maritime Security / Aviation Security
  • Event / Arena Security including Global Events such as Olympic Games / World Cups
  • Covert / Overt Surveillance and Tracking Systems
  • Debt Recovery / Asset Management / Liquidation & Receivership Services

We have successfully completed assignments in some of the most volatile regions of the world. We will offer you a wealth of management experience, re-assurance and a level of professionalism that will ensure all security measures and contingencies have been covered We ensure an effective and coherent response to potential threats or whatever security concerns you may have.

To receive a free quotation or for more information please feel free to contact our Head Office via phone at +353 (01) 2693931 via email at