VIP / Close Protection

Frontline Security is fully dedicated to providing the highest standards of experienced, professional and fully trained Close Protection Officers. Due to factors such as the rapid growth in world globalization & cross border harmonization, ease of travel and regional volatility the demand for expert CPO’s has never been greater.

Clients are increasingly requesting a wide variety of key security skills sets on assignment. At Frontline we have a wealth of management experience to cater for these needs and who are also up to date with the latest global threats, political landscapes and socio / economic trends.

Frontline Security can provide a visual or discreet level of service depending on the nature of the assignment. Our mission is to ensure you are able to conduct your business with peace of mind in an assured, safe and secure manner. Regular clients include

  • Foreign Dignitaries / Ambassadors / Heads of Sate
  • Diplomats and Politicians
  • High-Profile Business People
  • Sport, Music, Film and TV Celebrities (Including their Families)

All our CPO Officers possess the following attributes:

  • Excellent Observational Skills thus pre-empting any potentially dangerous situations
  • Pro-active, confident and intuitive mind-sets
  • Ability to work as part of a team or on lone assignment
  • Strong verbal communication, interpersonal skills including being multi-lingual
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure
  • Discretion / respecting client confidentiality
  • Ability to integrate with clients life-style if required
  • Knowledge of legal matters related to security and personal conduct etc
  • Excellent Physical / Mental stamina necessary for certain tasks
  • Specialist Military Training including armed/unarmed combat

A sample of our services includes:

  • Threat / Risk Assessment / Key Personnel and Asset Protection
  • Route Planning / Surveillance / Incident Management
  • Evasive / Defensive Driving and Foot Based Close Protection

To receive a free quotation or for more information please feel free to contact our Head Office via phone at +353 (01) 2693931 via email at